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Table of Contents

  1. What Is Personal Property Public Inquiry?

  2. How Do I Use Personal Property Public Inquiry?

    1. PIN Number

    2. Selection Screen

    3. Detail Screen

What Is Personal Property Inquiry?

Personal Property Inquiry allows taxpayers to examine tax bills received from Brunswick County.


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How Do I Use Personal Property Public Inquiry?


Click on Continue to Personal Property Inquiry link at the top or bottom of this page.


On the Main Screen, press Access by PIN .


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Search Using PIN Number


Search By PIN Number - Enter PIN and Last Name. You can enter a Projected Date to calculate Penalty and Interest. Otherwise, the field defaults to the current date for penalty calculations. Press Search button to find records.


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Selection Screen


Selection Screen - This screen displays all records matching search criteria. Press Details link to view account history, or press Return to Search button and return to Main Search screen.


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Return to Search



Detail Screen - This screen features detailed information for the ticket selected on the previous screen. Press the Previous button to return to the Selection Screen.

Bill Detail Explanation:

Dept/Ticket#: Department is Personal Property (PP) + year bill was issued and Ticket# indicates the Ticket Number for the item

Half: Half indicates if the bill was levied for first half (of the year) or second half.

Bill Date: The date the bill was issued.

Name: Name of owner on file with Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

Name: Name of additional owner (if any).

Address: Mailing address of owner.

Zip: Zip code for owner address.

SSN: Social Security of vehicle owner (and second owner if any). Only the last four numbers of the Social Security number are displayed.

Year: Vehicle year

Make: Vehicle manufacturer

Model: Vehicle model

Type: Type of vehicle

Class: Property class (personal property)

PPTRA: Indicates if the vehicle is qualified for a discount under the Personal Property Tax Relief Act. (Y) receives a discount, (N) does not.

VID#: Vehicle identification number (not displayed)

Value: Estimated value of vehicle

InDt: Date taxes accrued if vehicle was purchased after January 1st.

OutDt: Date taxes accrued if vehicle was sold before December 31st.

Months Taxed: Indicates the number of months the bill covers.

Original Bill: Total bill before any payments or PPTRA discount.

Car Tax Relief/Payments Applied: Total of payments received + PPTRA discount (if applicable)

Principal Balance Due: Original bill total less any payments or discounts.

Penalty: Late penalty (if any) for overdue bill.

Interest: Interest owed (if any) for overdue bill. Interest amount is calculated according to today's date.

Balance Due: Total balance due after applying any payments, discounts, penalties and interest.


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